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About Mary Rodgers
The daughter of composer/lyricist Richard Rodgers, Mary Rodgers is a much-published author. Freaky Friday, her turn-around tale of hilariously switched identities --- which Charlotte edited --- was published in 1976. It is still in print, and still delighting young readers. It was made into a Walt Disney film.  (Cover of current edition of Freaky Friday is pictured left.) It was followed by two other identity-switch tales, A Billion for Boris and Summer Switch, following the same ill-fated family. Mary also compiled the famously non-sexist children's album, groundbreaking for its time, Free to Be You & Me, which included a version of Charlotte's book William's Doll
. It, too, remains popular.

Mary Rodgers on being edited by Charlotte
mary rogers.jpg (43502 bytes)

"It's a pity that websites hadn't been invented when Charlotte was doing all her wonderful work with me on my books. Why?  (I don't really have to tell you why, do I?)  She spoke so quietly that a bat would have trouble hearing her!

"Happy Birthday! I love you dearly --

Mary Rodgers"

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