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About Susan Hirschman 
(who prefers that Crescent, Charlotte's daughter and the putter-upper of this site, refrain from giving much beyond minimal details about how wonderful she, Crescent, thinks she, Susan, is, as an editor and as a human being)

Susan Hirschman worked at Harper for ten years, going from Reader to Editorial Assistant to Assistant Editor to Associate Editor to Managing Editor. She then spent ten years at Macmillan as Editor in Chief, and founded Greenwillow Books in l974, a division of William Morrow. In 2000, William Morrow was acquired by what by then had become HarperCollins, so in a sense Susan returned to her beginnings.  (Susan is pictured to the left).

Greenwillow also published many of Charlotte's books, three of which are shown on this page. The editor? Susan.

Susan Hirschman on her friend and colleague, Charlotte

"I first knew and admired Charlotte in the mid-fifties, when I was the Reader at Harper and
"After Harper I knew Charlotte as a colleague. She was the Publisher of Harper's Children's Books while I was at Macmillan.  Like everyone in the industry, I knew that Charlotte was a totally dedicated editor, believing with her whole heart the importance of giving children only the very best, and supporting her authors and artists with passion, loyalty and vision. And managing, though goodness knows when, to write her own innovative and ground-breaking books. Imagine a world without William's Doll or My Grandson Lew.  I can't." (Pictured left, The Moon Was the Best, Charlotte's book about a mother remembering her trip to Paris for her eager daughter, and the only one of Charlotte's books illustrated by photographs --- vivid ones, by Tana Hoban).

"But looking back over the past forty-five years, it is Charlotte as a friend that means the most to me.  Once, when I was complaining about being an only child and having no sibling to talk to, Charlotte offered to be my sister. It was the most generous gift anyone could make. And it is my sister Charlotte whose books, career, and life I give thanks for, every day." (The cover of Peter and the Pigeons, another Charlotte book edited by Susan, is pictured right.)


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